Often the Thinker is a studio project inspired by friendships, family and the love of music. For close to a decade, they've written, produced, engineered, and released music on their own.

We reside in San Diego, CA Fort Collins, CO, Madison, WI, Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY.


Often the Thinker

Better Part of Vice

Released 05 December 2016
Produced, Engineered and Written by Drew Lundberg
Album Design and Layout by Adam Bluma

Better Part of Vice was a four year project, beginning in Massachusetts and ending in California. It was a much different process for us as we had extremely limited personal interaction. We had to trust that the arrangements and transitions were going to work. Making the move from the east to west coast, a majority of the recordings were done at my father-in-law’s ranch, where I took advantage of the space and natural reverb. When tracking drums, we were limited to two days in a studio in Madison, WI, where Travis had to finish writing his parts, as well as complete tracking. The rest of the recordings and mixes were finished in San Diego, where my wife and I now reside.


Life Long Aside

Released 01 November 2012
Produced and Written by Drew Lundberg
Engineered by Drew Lundberg and Tim Payne
Album Design and Layout by Adam Bluma

Life Long Aside was certainly the most time-consuming album I've been a part of. Majority of us were with other bands, playing out, doing session work, etc. Between this and constantly revisiting the tracks, it was over three years to see a final product.

We were very fortunate to be given the amount of studio time we had. I lived in my cousin's studio and house for a good six months - days, nights and weeks. My appreciation goes out to Tim and J for the time, energy and opportunity.


Spring Buzz

Released 01 June 2013
Produced and Engineered by Drew Lundberg
Written by Drew Lundberg and Zach Gorecki
Album Design and Layout by Adam Bluma

We actually started tracking these four tunes while Life Long Aside was in the heavier stages of mixing. I had known Zach through working on mixes for his previous band. He caught my attention with his tunings and finger style techniques, forcing my curiosity of him upon certain tracks on Life Long Aside.

The idea for a short split came while demoing ideas for his upcoming full-length. Our influences, and being under the influence, were very similar. We started getting sounds for a few of Zach's other tunes, as he began fiddling with what became the beginning of the split, the intro to the title track Spring Buzz



Released 03 December, 2007
Produced, Engineered and Written by Drew Lundberg
Album Design and Layout by Adam Bluma

History was the first attempt at this project. I had had the desire to do some sort of heavy-layered instrumental album for years. A certain event in my life forced to me to retreat from everything entirely, allowing myself to start over and begin the process of writing and finding musicians for the album.

The album was based around very vague ideas, guitar portions and outlines, while having other musicians fill in on lengthier parts. Even though this was my first attempt at engineering and producing, I was fortunate to have Travis, Zac, Philip, and all the other musicians allow the album to be very raw. Patience in Progress was the first Often the Thinker song I wrote - as happy as I still am with the turnout, It's by far the most difficult tune to sit down and listen to.


"History is 9 tracks, just under an hour, of catchy horn lines, layered guitars & intricate drum sections wavering in an extremely engaging collection of instrumental-shoegaze euphoria"

Newdust Indie Blog

"As I heard the first notes of “Just Thinking,” it was like a doorway was opened to a theater where those memories were being shown to the soundtrack of Life Along Side. I wondered how amazing it was that OTT was able to tell such stories through the songs they had written."

Local Sounds Magazine

"Many bands seem to be in a hurry these days, either pushing out releases before they are ready or simply playing fast. Often the Thinker honors its name with thoughtful, well-crafted pieces."

A Closer Listen


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